When it comes to cars, there have always been gimmicky add-ons and trendy pieces of tech designed to make them look and feel more appealing than they actually are. Which fads do you think are the worst offenders?

Personally, I despise when automakers give manual performance cars an auto rev-matching function. The whole point of having a manual transmission these days is to enjoy doing the gear-shifting yourself—that includes rev-matching with your own foot on downshifts. In cars like the BMW M2, you can’t even turn off the feature without having to turn off traction control as well. If I’m buying a manual sports car, I want the whole experience, not a watered-down, lazy version.

Now we’d like to know: Which car performance fads do you think should go away? It doesn’t have to be something tech-related like auto rev-matching, either—it could be anything. Let us know in the comments below.